Established in 2021, The Cooke Family has created two different granting streams to benefit CBE students, one focused on financial and basic needs, and the other on exceptional and special needs.  The family invites CBE schools to submit proposals for one or both streams and schools can request up to $10,000 per stream. The application will ask you to outline:

  • – your school’s needs;
  • – your school’s general student demographics;
  • – how you want to utilize the grant;
  • – what resources you wish to procure with the grant money (including completing the attached budget);
  • – the impact it will have on your students’ learning, engagement, and overall wellbeing; and
  • – how you will evaluate success and share outcomes with both EducationMatters and the Cooke family.
  • – Funding can be requested to cover all or part of a proposed program or initiative.

Application deadline is  May 13, 2022 at 4:30 pm.

To apply, visit the link above, click “register” to set up an account and access the application. When registering please select “grant applicant” for portal access and add the name of your school for “organization”. From there, EducationMatters will provide you with access to the application within 1 business day.