EducationMatters is proud to work with the West Ridge School Society to support the development of their new sport courts!

The community is thrilled about the opening of West Ridge School in January 2017. The school is an amazing place to learn and grow, however we’d like to further enhance the school by building an outdoor sport space to engage the students before, during and after school. Currently, there is a very small concrete pad outside the gym doors but it will definitely not accommodate our student population which will eventually grow to 900 students.

Our goal is to build a sport court for both the students and the community to enjoy. The vision is for an approximately 94ft x 50ft sport court, with six basketball hoops and court lines so multiple sports can be played all year long. Basketball, dodgeball, street hockey, badminton, tennis and volleyball are some examples of sports that could be played on it. We need your help to raise $125,000 to make this happen.

Your generous donation will help make our school and our community a better place to be. Thanks for your support.

If you would like to support the West Ridge School Sport Court, click here.