Originally established in 1993 for students of the Plains Indians Cultural Survival School, this Award was transferred to the CBE system in 2005 for aboriginal students. Its purpose is to encourage students who have demonstrated involvement in their school and native communities and who plan to pursue post-secondary education in any field of study.

To be considered for this award, applicants must:

  1. Be a graduating Grade 12 aboriginal student who is attending a high school within the Calgary Board of Education system.
  2. Demonstrate academic progress and educational and career plans, including attending a post-secondary institute in Canada.
  3. Demonstrate engagement with and contribution made to the school and native communities through volunteer and community activities; and,
  4. Demonstrate personal financial need.The selected recipient will have had a high rate of attendance at school-sponsored activities within the local community and at community sponsored cultural awareness events including but not limited to events that focus on aboriginal culture.  He/She will have an interest in and a history of participation in traditional aboriginal ceremonies.  The student’s interest in attending post-secondary education will be demonstrated through an appropriate set of personal goals and educational and career plans.