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Your support will help Louis Riel students be agents of change and tomorrow’s leaders.

$20, 300 raised so far, our goal is $35,000 – please lend your support!

The students of Louis Riel are the leaders of tomorrow, the decision makers our world needs. They are agents of change, and the Louis Riel Parent Council Society wants this to begin at our school.

Students have many roles; to learn to read, write, add and subtract, communicate and be positive citizens. To be the             problem-solving agents that overcome challenges with no clear solutions for today, students will also require skills for jobs that may not even exist yet. Technology is a foundational part of learning in this new age of social change. Our goal is to support students to help them understand how technology can enhance their learning, and impact their lives.

Contribute to the Technology Learning Fund

In 2016, EducationMatters plans to raise $1,620,000 at an estimated cost of $220,000. For further information, please contact Marilyn Field, Executive Director, 1221 8 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0L4 or by phone at 403.817.7465.