Think of it as a shift from the dining room where food (knowledge) is passively consumed to the kitchen where knowledge is created (and is sometimes messy)!

lcpixA learning commons promotes the personalization of learning, inquiry and the integration of technology. The space, a blend of physical and virtual environments, transforms teaching and learning by allowing both staff and students to co-create knowledge. The physical environment is flexible and adaptable to the needs of individuals, small and large groups. It is an area where professional development, experiential learning, and action research may be incubated, explored and analyzed.

Learning commons reflect the transformational shift in teaching and learning, requiring students to be engaged in learning critical thinking, sophisticated literacy and information technology skills. CBE Learning Innovation, with fundraising support from EducationMatters, is leading the way in transforming existing school libraries into new learning commons.

Enhancement projects like creating library learning commons benefit when the public is involved. Community investment enriches the learning experiences of our students and helps provide them with the innovative tools needed to succeed.