Most of us have discovered that learning can be tiring, even exhausting. As the primary source of energy in the human brain, glucose can be rapidly used up during mental activity. Imagine starting your day with no breakfast to give you that kick start. That is what some of Calgary’s most vulnerable children face each school morning.

Since 2000 The Calgary Board of Education Fuel for School Program has partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary Food and Nutrition at School program (FANS), to provide a healthy, balanced breakfast in over 18 CBE elementary schools supplying over 500 students daily with an nutritious and encouraging start  to their day.

Proper nutrition is every bit as important as innovative educational programs for every child’s learning success. When good nutrition is coupled with a stable, safe environment, students shine. With that in mind, the CBE’s Fuel for School Program has helped hundreds of Calgary’s K-6 public education students have a better, more productive day; week; and even year, in school.

This program is not exclusive to any one area or community in Calgary, this need affects schools and children in all communities.  Most disturbing is the need for continued growth of the Fuel for School.

“This program is vital to our children.  It’s an immediate, compassionate answer to a need.” attests Principal Judy Walker, Catherine Nichols Gunn School, “The students accessing Fuel for School are feeling more ready to start their day and accomplish more.”

“Starting the day in a calm, healthy way, eating breakfast together, sets a wonderful tone to the day.” confirms Principal Fran McGilvary, Connaught School.

Grant MacEwan School breakfast supervisor, Sheila Luscome loves knowing that she is providing nourishing food to hungry children each day, while helping to build both their emotional and social health.

Research has shown that mental concentration actually drains glucose from a key part of the brain associated with memory and learning – underscoring just how crucial blood sugar is for proper brain function.

Calgary schools need your support to keep this important program running for students.

“BREAKFAST IS THE #1 MEAL TO MAKE OUR BRAINS WORK” – Fuel for School participant

For more information on the program, you can also visit the Calgary Board of Education site