The David Stevenson Indigenous Student Further Education Launch Award is being created as a tribute to David Stevenson and his more than 40 years of work in support of Calgary Board of Education students and staff.

All Indigenous students graduating from the CBE who are pursuing post-secondary education or academic upgrading will be eligible for this new award.

To apply, applicants must have sufficient marks for acceptance into their program of choice and a clear plan to achieve their future goals. Selection will be based on a student’s personal story, commitment to their goals, a reference letter from a member of the CBE Indigenous team, and any demonstrated financial need.

We ask that you join us in honouring David’s commitment to students in the CBE and recognizing the impact he has made on students and staff throughout his career by making a donation towards this new award.

The number of awards distributed and the value of each award will be dependant on the funds available.

We thank you for your support and we thank David for his dedication to students in our city.