The Civil Society & Citizenship Fund  focuses on the interests of Civil Society & Citizenship education as it pertains to the students of Calgary.

More specifically, the fund focuses on the following overlapping and related fields of interest:

The theory, history and practices of Civil Society, with particular emphasis on the relevance of this idea and this ideal to the education of children and youth in ways that help them to share constructively in the building, sustaining and enriching of a respectful and democratic culture in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and beyond.

The theory, history and practice of Citizenship Education, including but not limited to (i) exploration of various theories of democracy and various approaches to building community, (ii) reflection on and direct involvement with matters relating to human rights and the equally important value of our shared mutual responsibility for one another, and (iii) exploration of various approaches to the understanding of values, cultural diversity, pluralism, and the nature and role of religion and of other belief and value systems and their role in building community and a democratic culture.

Practical school-based and community-based programs that focus directly on nurturing Student Leadership and Community Engagement with and by Students.