EducationMatters’ Career Pathways Fund supports programs and project directly related to the Career Pathways Initiative at the Calgary Board of Education (CBE), that provides a comprehensive approach to career development for students.  This involves aligning and integrating academics with industry learning and post-secondary opportunities as a way of creating relevance and support for students.  Its broad goal is better enable students to make purposeful and rewarding career choices during and after high school.

The Career Pathways initiative includes but is not limited to:

  • Providing an integrated, multi-year sequence of career guidance, coursework and work-based learning experiences.
  • Connecting post secondary programs to learning in junior high and high school programs.
  • Connecting high school learning to the world of work.
  • Working with schools, learning organizations, curriculum specialists, career practitioners and other stakeholders to plan, prepare and evaluate relevant, practical and management pathway options.

Recent Projects Supported through the Career Pathways Fund

Supply Chain Management Program

Supporting Calgary students attending the Alberta Provincial Skills Competition

Aboriginal Youth Leadership Program

Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School Resiliency Program