Established in 2003 to support the CBE initiatives through the Career Pathways programs, and to support all students to learn career and life skills, especially as they transition from school to adult life.

The CBE Career Pathways program, which has evolved over the past several years, is designed to help students to move into meaningful, productive futures. It has led to collaboration with other school districts, post-secondary institutions, industry, business and the community to create a new design for our 21st Century schools.

Career Pathways provides a personalized, focused approach to bridging the gap between school and career. It includes an integrated, academic multi-year sequence of courses, career guidance and work-based learning experiences that lets students explore a variety of career options. Students learn about broad career options; they do not focus on training for individual employment in limited fields. Career, today, is defined as the sum total of one’s personal and professional aspirations. This approach is based on the belief that there are many pathways to success, that it is important for schools to support career development and seamless transition from high school to a variety of workplaces and post-secondary education opportunities for all students. It is also based on the belief that learning that is applied, in both school and work settings, is more meaningful.

Connecting junior high and high school program with industry learning and post-secondary opportunities creates relevance and direction for learners. Students can earn industry equivalent certificates and complete apprenticeship programs sooner. Learners work in programs that align curriculum and provide focus from junior high right through to post-secondary education and/or the workplace. Pathways include core curriculum, applied academics, relevant technology and other optional programs, internships, portfolio development and transitional opportunities. Students have access to established post-secondary pathways that allow dual and advanced credit and guaranteed placement with challenge opportunities. All pathways include academics and employability skills.