Career and Technology Centre (CTC) at Lord Shaughnessy High School provides students with access to rigorous academic and technical curriculum in preparation for further education and careers in high-skill, high-demand occupations. Working with experts, students access industry standard, high quality learning environments that extend into authentic work experience opportunities and lead to recognized post-secondary and industry credentials. Igniting student passions and interest at the CTC supports success both within and beyond their schooling experiences.

To be effective, active involvement from all sectors is required. Your expertise, industry professionalism and financial support can launch students on their career journeys and develop teacher competencies.

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The Challenge

Alberta faces a range of emerging challenges:

  • growing labour shortage – the first of the Baby Boomers turn 65 in 2012 and by 2015, the government estimates that almost half the workforce (48%) will be between the ages of 45 to 65
  • an upcoming generation that embraces technology more than any other generation;
  • Generation Y as a group is the hardest to recruit and the hardest to retain, yet they are the future of most organizations;
  • the requirement of greater skills and knowledge in many occupations and new technologies;
  • changing patterns of education and training;
  • the globalization of the marketplace;
  • and a need for highly skilled, educated and innovative people.

The future depends on having a trained employable population who can not only meet today’s challenges, but have the preparation to work in many not yet identified jobs. How do we support students by bringing education and business and industry together to work on the solutions?


The Solutions

Students want and need to develop careers that allow them to be successful beyond their educational pursuits. Having the ability to investigate and prepare for different career paths while still completing their high school education is a tremendous benefit for both the student and our society. Alberta Education provides hundreds of Career and Technology (CTS) courses that can be taught by the Calgary Board of Education (See Cluster Groupings below). This allows students to create their own Pathway. A pathway is a selection of courses to give students the opportunity to explore and acquire the attitudes, skills and knowledge for a career that is relevant to their interests. Pathways support goals that may include university, college, apprentice training or moving directly into the workforce. Teachers and students can select and combine CTS courses to create pathways for exploration, specialization and credentialing.

The Calgary Board of Education is committed to leading the way in developing highly engaged, connected and successful graduates that have the skills and desire to respond to today’s global society and economic needs. The student retention rate is very high at the Career and Technology (CT) Centre as students are engaged in relevant learning experiences.

With industry supports we can extend beyond the student, teacher and content areas for personalized learning opportunities. Appropriate IT infrastructure will facilitate a learning environment at the CT Centre that extends beyond the “classroom walls” into the virtual learning space; optimally 24/7 access to eLearning and subject matter expertise. This will also facilitate offerings to other districts within Alberta and potentially beyond.

The Career and Technology Centre will expand on learning opportunities for all students beyond those available through home high schools. These opportunities focus on industry experience and credentials available through the CTS curriculum so students may be able to finish high school both with a diploma and an industry credential, certification or designation. Alberta Education is currently developing a model for dual-credit solutions.

The CT Centre currently offers pre-engineering, auto body, cosmetology, and welding. Students will be involved in a range of innovative programs and the next set is described in the “Program Offerings 2012-2013” sheet. Future programs include audio/video production and broadcasting, virtual media for film and game, trades apprenticeships, IT credentials, health care aide, emergency medical responder, financial management, logistics, management and marketing, networking, landscape design and environmental stewardship.

To complement our focus on personalization of learning, we believe in the “personalization” of our partnerships. Although we have some broad areas for involvement, we look forward to conversations around opportunities that best support the mission and values of your organization as we form a mutually beneficial relationship.

Areas of involvement may include:

  • Advisory input related to instructional delivery, facility requirements, and employment potential aligned with industry needs and standards
  • Personnel for delivery and support of courses with students
  • Field experiences
  • Opportunities for creating and/or offering credentials
  • Funding of equipment
  • Funding of space development