Louise Dean School is a specialized Grade 9 – 12 education program for pregnant and parenting teens. The school is a compassionate and caring community, which is anchored by the strong belief that education is the key to moving the lives of our students and their children forward. Our goal is to ensure that every young woman that we work has comprehensive supports, as they move into family and community leadership.

The Accomplished Angels Fund was established in 2012 to encourage the graduates of Louise Dean School to pursue post-secondary education, enhance their career objectives and succeed in becoming Accomplished Angels. Balancing the demands of full the school and parenting is very challenging and financial stress can result. By supporting the Accomplished Angels Fund you are supporting these young women to continue their education.

The education program allows students to work towards a high school diploma or certificate, while affording them flexible scheduling for maternity leaves, counselling or lifestyle challenges. This is a full-time education program with direct instruction.

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She Rides on Dreams

she-rides-on-dreams-webLimited edition prints of She Rides on Dreams are now available while supplies last. Click here to purchase a print.

100% of the proceeds from print sales go to support the Accomplished Angels Fund at Louise Dean School!

The artist, Miss Anna, refuses to categorize her ‘style’ stating that, “My everlasting nomadic years of wondering the globe have taught me that the only thing constant in my life is change. I embrace this change both in my own life’s experience and how it is reflected in my paintings. I can only say that my style is un-categorically representative of my journey; it is open and free to express my emotions and perceptions of the world that surrounds me.

Like a visual biography painted in real-time, it will eventually reflect the good, the bad, the ugly and the absolutely wondrous.

FRAMING OFFER – Art Effects is offering a 20% discount on custom framing for She Rides on Dreams, with 10% of sales going to support the Accomplished Angels Fund. Please contact Art Effects online by clicking here, or call 403-652-4550 for more information.