For students at Crescent Heights High School who will be pursuing a post-secondary program.

The Maurice A. Spring Memorial Award has been established to honor a former student of Crescent Heights High School who left the school to serve overseas during World War II. Mr. Spring was always very proud that his name appeared on the Veterans’ Honour Roll in the front hall of the school.

Mr. Spring, a professional engineer who taught engineering for many years, placed a great deal of importance on education. He would be very pleased to know that his efforts will help make post-secondary education a reality for many Crescent Heights High School students in the years to come.


1. Academic Achievement:
Applicants must present an 80% or above average in five (5) presenting subjects suitable for entrance at a post-secondary institute.

Academic achievement will be the determining factor in the selection of the winner of this award.




Winner will be selected based  on Grade 12 average which will be calculated using the same criteria as used for the Rutherford Scholarships.