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Applying for a Student Award

*The 2016/2017 Student Award Competition Is Now CLOSED!!*

Please check back for 2017/2018 information


 Steps for applying for a student award

 First, check both 2017 Listing of Awards spreadsheets for an overview of all our awards.

           2017 Listing of System Wide Student Awards – CBE students – *UPDATED May 10*

           2017 Listing of System Wide Student Awards – Calgary Catholic School District – *UPDATED May 10*

           2017 Listing of School Specific Student Awards – CBE students only

2017 General Application #1 – May 1 Deadline

2017 General Application #2 – May 30 Deadline – *UPDATED May 9*

For SCHOOL SPECIFIC awards, complete the school specific application attached to the Terms of Reference included with the awards for which you are applying. Students should complete all required areas. Submit your application to the Scholarship Coordinator at your school


 Other Important Points

CLICK HERE to view EducationMatters 2017 student awards presentation which includes more information!

Good luck!


Award Winners

Received an award? Find out how to claim your money by reading the Information for Award Holders  document.

Show your appreciation with a letter of thanks!

Please be sure to show your appreciation by writing a letter of thanks to the donor that made your award possible. You may send the letter in care of EducationMatters and we will ensure that your letter is forwarded on your behalf. Recipients may also wish to include photos or show their appreciation by creating a thank you video for the donor(s). Be creative!